We do not have one-size-fits-all prices. We give unique, personalized attention to each author's work. But we also know how important setting a budget is to any indie-author. So below you will find some general expectations on our prices.

Print Typesetting

  • Starting at $400.

For a straightforward novel of standard length with simple styles and few illustrations, you can expect the cost to be in the $400-600 range. Illustrations, an index or complicated table of contents, and complicated styling will drive the cost higher. If you are publishing the next book in a series that we've already have a design/layout for, you can expect a much lower estimate (about 2/3 the cost of the first book).

The print typesetting process includes:

  • Discussion with the author on design preferences
  • Manuscript review to identify stylistic elements
  • Creation and review/approval of sample page layouts
  • Manuscript preparation/cleanup/import
  • Print file generation
  • Review and adjustment of spacing/hyphenation/pagination for increased readability
  • Proof file generation for review/corrections
  • Final print-ready file generation (pdf)

E-book Generation

  • Starting at $200 (in addition to print typesetting)

By producing both your print and e-book edition files, we are able to create an e-book edition that most closely matches the look and feel of the print edition. But if you are already working with an e-book designer, we are happy to work with them to share design elements and styling from your print edition.

The e-book generation process includes:

  • Begin with print layout and design, or create new layout if e-book only
  • Adjusting css style elements
  • Resizing and formatting inserted graphics
  • Set up e-book file structure and navigational table of contents
  • Add metadata (book description, author info, ISBN, subject keywords, etc)
  • Generation of upload-ready mobi (Kindle) and epub (iBooks, Nook, Sony, etc) files


  • Starting at $60/hr

Any additional work is billed at a reasonable hourly rate. This could include :

  • Post-typeset corrections to a manuscript
  • Assistance setting up POD titles and e-book distribution
  • Referral and coordination of an offset (traditional) print run
  • Assistance with NetGalley, Goodreads, KDP, Smashwords, IngramSpark, Lulu, Kickstarter, Amazon Advantage, Amazon AMS, etc. 

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