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"I've loved working with Atthis Arts. They're professional, always respond promptly to my emails and questions, and have always produced the work I've wanted. I've highly recommended them to all my friends."

Katie Cross, author of Miss Mabel's Schools for Girls and other books from The Network Series

[print typesetting by Atthis Arts]

*Winner of IAN 2015's Outstanding Fantasy Book*
Never underestimate the power of a determined witch.

"The human touch heals, builds, and revives the sodden spirit. Such as it was when I was when I was writing my first book - When My Son Died. Chris Bell of Atthis Arts was there as my voice in typesetting my final manuscript. Chris provides the warm application to font and message. Go to Chris. Stay with Chris. I Recommend Atthis Arts as the go to for professional before and after your publication."

Kenn Pitawanakwat, author of When My Son Died 
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[print and ebook design and consulting by Atthis Arts]

Parents should not have to bury their children. A father’s life is devastated as he fights to heal with Aboriginal language and ceremony. A lifetime of good works comes into question. Secrets are disclosed.

". . . Christopher Bell is a knowledgeable professional and a delight to work with. There were so many decisions which had to be made and his recommendations proved superb! He made sure I had a professional, enjoyable, and readable interior for my middle-grade fantasy novel. I truly don't believe a professional publishing house could have done a better job than Atthis Arts. Chris will be the only person I will contact for all future work. . . ."

L.L. Reynolds, author of Rafe Ryder & The Well of Wisdom

[print typesetting and traditional print run consultation by Atthis Arts]

Strange things happen when the place you call “home” is no longer your address.

"Publishing my first novel presented itself as a daunting task. With so many decisions to make, I felt overwhelmed for most of the process. One area that I felt zero stress with was working alongside Atthis Arts for my typesetting. Chris answered my questions (even if they were stupid questions), offered opinions, and went above and beyond to make sure I loved the end product. I would recommend Atthis Arts to anyone looking to typeset a book."

Kelsey Keating, author of A Stolen Kiss

[print typesetting by Atthis Arts]

*Winner of the 2015 Watty Award Best HQ Love*
A stolen kiss. An unstable curse. One big mess in the making.

"I cannot recommend Atthis Arts enough. They are highly professional, knowledgable, and friendly. Without their expertise, the typeset of my book would've been generic and forgettable. Atthis Arts made it cohesive, unique, and beautiful. As an Indie author, standing out with an exceptional product makes all the difference in the world. I will definitely use them with all my future books!"

Beth Teliho, author of Order of Seven

[print typesetting by Atthis Arts]

Eighteen-year-old Devi Bennett is surrounded by mysteries: her unknown heritage, a recurring dream about an African tribal ceremony, an inexplicable attachment to a certain tree and a psychic ability she’ll never understand . . .